How to write and publish an article on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best platform to make professional connections and establish yourself as an authority within your industry. LinkedIn can help you increase awareness of your brand among other like-minded business people and companies. Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are all great social media platforms that should be included in your marketing plan. These platforms may be great, but they lack the professional influence and credibility that LinkedIn can provide to you, your brand and your content. How to Buy Multiple LinkedIn Accounts. You can these accounts form any Social Account Sellers, where from you can Buy Facebook Accounts as well. These Social Media Accounts are the best ways to earn money from the online marketing.  How to create an article for LinkedIn First, let's get to the point. . . LinkedIn is not the place to publish your article. Although you can type directly into the platform's publishing tool, it is easier to edit and write in a word processing program like